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Miami Made Custom Funiture and Imports

We manufacture furniture and represent several international wholesalers of furniture, so that we can provide our customers with the best, most cost effective option:  custom pieces to match their unique tastes, or the best prices on quality imported items.

The furniture we manufacture is for residences, businesses and yachts.  Our primary lines of products we make in the U.S. include sectional sofas and platform beds for lofts and houses, seating and creative designs for restaurants, and specialty built framing and upholstery for marine refurbishments and unique situations.

The wholesalers we represent supply many of the name-brand furniture stores in the region.  We provide the same furniture at deeply discounted prices.  We keep our overhead low, with limited showroom space, but we can provide complete information on the products, fast delivery and shipping domestically and internationally.

We guaranty our products and provide a reasonable return policy.  Please refer to the specifics in the links below.

At Sofa Manufacture we enjoy providing a cost-effective alternative for customers to buy quality furniture that really fits their style and budget.  Please give us a call or stop in so that we can explain why we provide the best value in quality furniture.